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Core Pilates classes work to improve your posture, muscle tone, balance, joint mobility and mood.  Our ethos is to focus on quality of movement.  We teach clients to move well, both in class and into their daily lives.


Our Pilates classes are designed around your needs, and to ensure that you get the most from your sessions we keep a close eye on your technique.  We focus on functional movement and in doing so we look to rebalance the muscular-skeletal system, providing the body with the level of assistance it needs to perform correctly, rectifying dysfunctional movement patterns (which can cause pain and injury).  We then progress by gradually strengthening the body in its good alignment, thereby minimising or avoiding the need for the muscles and joints to compensate which delivers long-lasting results.  This approach helps to build a strong, agile and healthy body.

Pilates is for everyone and we welcome clients of all levels of fitness and ability from those just starting out to those with lots of experience.  The important thing is to keep active, keep strong and maintain the best fitness that you possibly can.

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