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Some of the Benefits of Pilates...

Pilates can truly change your life for the better.  For example, Pilates:


Helps you live longer: working your muscles vigorously 2-3 times a week halves you chance of dying of any cause in the next ten years (1).


- Is the most effective exercise for back pain (2).


- Makes your muscles longer and leaner: working muscles at long muscle lengths decreases cross-sectional area and increases fibre length compared to working at short ranges of motion (3).


- Will make you happier: as little as ten minutes per week of exercise increases happiness (4).


- Calms your mind and lifts your spirit (5).


Caroline Churchill Pilates Cobra

Is Pilates for Me ?

In short, if you want the above benefits, then YES!  Pilates is a system of whole body physical and mental conditioning that can enhance your physical strength, flexibility and wellbeing.  And best of all, Pilates is suitable for everyone, whatever your age or level of fitness.

We work on all aspects of the body - inside and out!  Each session is different and the focus will change depending on your needs, but we will generally be working not only on alignment and your core, but recruiting and working all the major muscles groups, and some of the smaller muscles, your balance and co-ordination and having some fun along the way too (so great for your mind as well as your body().   You should find that with regular Pilates classes:

  - you move with more efficiency and effectiveness

  - your risk of injury reduces   

  - aches and pains will reduce, or even disappear  

  - you feel stronger and more energetic

  - your proprioception improves, and you achieve good body awareness

  - your sense of  wellbeing improves

Starting out in Pilates is not difficult as it is readily adaptable to your fitness and ability level.  However to get the most from your Pilates practice it is worth spending some time getting to grips with the basic techniques and the key fundamentals - this will help you build body awareness and get more from your exercise in the long term, and of course we can help you understand Pilates, understand your body, and get the most out of your sessions.  

Caroline Churchill Pilates


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