Is Pilates for Me ?

Pilates is suitable for everyone, whatever you age or level of fitness.


By working on alignment, core stability and muscle recruitment you will find that:

  - you move with more efficiency and effectiveness

  - your risk of injury reduces   

  - aches and pains will reduce, or even disappear  

  - your proprioception improves, and you achieve good body             awareness

  - your sense of  wellbeing improves


Starting out in Pilates is not difficult as it is readily adaptable to your fitness and ability level.  However to get the most from your Pilates practice it is worth spending some time getting to grips with the basic techniques and the key fundamentals - this will help you build body awareness and get more from your exercise in the long term.  Going over the basics is valuable whatever your level of experience and proficiency is - good technique helps to avoid injury, which is why at Core Pilates we focus on technique and getting you moving correctly.