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Debunking the Myths of Older Adult Falls

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

The risk of falling is something many of my clients worry about and talk to me regularly about. I commonly hear older adults say things like:

- ‘Tripping and falling is part and parcel of aging’ [it doesn’t need to be]

- ‘I worry that I might fall when I’m out and about so I don’t go out as much now’ [this is not a good solution, and can lead to lots of other mobility issues, loss of independence and much more]

- ‘I used to be stronger but now I’m older I’m weaker’ [you don’t have to be].

A recent article by the National Council on Aging ‘Falls Prevention for Older Adults: Debunking the Myths of Older Adult Falls’ picks up on these ‘myths’ and more.

From my point of view, exercise is really helpful to (re)gain strength, stay mobile, agile and independent. It can also help to maintain a positive outlook on life. By mixing Pilates, yoga and strength work I work on balance, co-ordination and building up muscle strength and flexibility to keep clients active in their daily lives. It can make such a huge difference to quality of life. So if you are worried about falling, or are concerned about someone's risk, my callout would be to get active, move, exercise and enjoy life.

Have a read of the article NCOA article and tell me what you think:

NCOA Article
Debunking Myths of Older Adult Falls

NCOA Article
Older Adults Falls Myths 2

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