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What to bring and wear

What to wear to Pilates classes

  - Footwear is not needed, socks can be worn but take care as these can be         slippery; use grippy socks, or even better - bare feet. 

  - Clothing should be comfortable and appropriately fitted – not so baggy that       joint movement cannot be seen clearly and not so tight that it restricts               movement.  

  - Water: it is important to stay hydrated whilst you exercise.

What to bring to group classes

  - For hygiene reasons we ask that clients bring their own Pilates or Yoga mats        to exercise on at group classes.  There will be a few spare mats available          however we ask that clients notify us in advance to ensure that we can              accommodate the requirement.  If you would like assistance in finding a            suitable mat to purchase we are happy to assist you.

  - All other props and small equipment will be provided by Core Pilates,                however clients are welcome to bring their own too.  Equipment used may        include head cushions, resistance bands, overballs, blocks.

Online Classes

Your home exercise space 

  - Use a Pilates or yoga mat to work on – to protect your spine and joints

  - Have enough space around your mat to exercise – you need to be able to         stretch your arms and legs out.

  - Ensure that the floor surface is clean, dry and free from obstructions

  - Have a small head cushion or small towel to hand to help you achieve a           neutral (aligned) spine

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