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COVID Policy & Procedures


We will always follow relevant Guidelines issued by the Government.  This may mean that our procedures change from time to time.  


We carry our regular risk assessments at our teaching venues, and have a specific section relating to COVID risks and mitigations.

Guidance for clients attending group classes

Please arrive for the class dressed for your class with minimal belongings.

*   Please arrive no more than 5 mins before the class start time and observe        
     social distancing as you make your way into the venue.

*   Please follow government guidelines in place regarding mask-wearing

*   Please sanitise your hands upon entering the building.

*   We ask that you bring your own mat on which to exercise on.  If you need a
     mat please notify us in advance so that we can ensure that we can

     accommodate the requirement.

*   At the end of the class, please wipe down your mat with the sanitising wipes 
     provided or before leaving. Please observe social distancing when leaving.

COVID Procedures

We allow time between sessions to allow for extra cleaning time and room ventilation.  The teacher will clean after every session, but we ask you to also wipe down your mat with the sanitising wipes provided before leaving.  

Windows, and where possible doors, will be left open throughout the class to ensure that there is sufficient fresh air ventilation within the space.

We keep our classes small in any case to ensure the best experience for our clients, however we may restrict class sizes even further at some venues to ensure a safe environment.

The class will be set up so as to maximise social distancing of participants.  

We follow the government guidance in place at the time of delivering classes.  
Clients can wear a mask during the class if that makes them feel more comfortable.

If you do not want the teacher to make hands on corrections, please advise the teacher of this before the start of the lesson.

​If a client is unwell or feels unwell, including if they show/have any signs of Covid-19 or have tested positive they should not attend class; clients may be asked to leave the class if they are showing symptoms.


For hygiene reasons we ask that clients bring their own Pilates or Yoga mats to exercise on at group classes.  There will be a few spare mats available however we ask that clients notify us in advance to ensure that we can accommodate the requirement.

​The teacher closely monitors their health for any potential symptoms and takes regular lateral flow tests.  If the Teacher tests positive for Covid a substitute teacher may deliver the class, or the class may be cancelled (in which case a full refund will be given).

Caroline Churchill Pilates Leg Stretch

COVID Cancellation Policy

If you are unwell and experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, or testing positive for COVID-19, call or text Caroline on 07718 189 661, even if it is last minute.  Our normal 72 hour cancellation policy will not apply in these circumstances. 


The teacher closely monitors their health for any potential symptoms and takes regular lateral flow tests.  If the Teacher tests positive for Covid wherever possible a substitute teacher will deliver the class, however if this is not possible the class will be cancelled and a full refund given.

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